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There is one earlier and one after Battlefield 1942. The game marked the lineaments to be continued for a multiplayer with vehicles and such a popularity reached that there came 3 aftermath (Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142). The problem with the exemption is that the last throwing coincided with the disaster of the PC Gaming. The versions of [...]

As if one was treating as the Top 10 of ESPN, only that these are the 10 best moves sent by users of EA Sports World, the page of community that takes the record of all the games of sports that the company throws.
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The topic of the DRM in Spore has turned into a ballast for Electronic Arts, for sample it is enough the “flaw of the system” in Amazon that mysteriously removed the ranking system in a time to prevent from affecting of negative form in the decision of buy.
Today the company had to double the hands (not like [...]

Electronic Arts decided to withdraw the offer of buy of TakeTwo because it did not obtain what he was thinking from a beginning: to remain with most of the cake of the profit of Grand Theft Edict 4. With this the actions of TakeTwo suffered a loss of some $4.50USD (for action) what leaves them in [...]

Crysis has been a good experiment for Crytek; not only it shows to be the most impressive graphic engine to the date (at visual level and in physics) but also it has qualifications as one of the games is more torrenteados from his exit (400, 000) or of being one of the most demanding concerning [...]

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