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The latter days I have been employed closely with my friend Carlos Gutierrez at the change of image to the whole network of blogs that it represents G33K ON. The first one in suffering a redesign is The Wired Blog and for that I have based on the topic Braincast de Storelicius and InfectedFX.
We begin a new stage in [...]

Beginning developing video games

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On September 15, 2008

If it is interesting to you to develop video games or to be employed at the industry “winning therefore more you like doing” of course you have visited infinity of forums in Spanish where sometimes they tend to misinform you more than to solve your doubts. The first thing that you must do is to wonder: “what do you like?” ó: “what facilitates you to itself?” It can [...]

Three weeks ago I began a project which had already wanted to begin to walk from hacía some months. With support of the UAM Azcapotzalco we begin an introduction workshop to the video games design that each one consists of two weekly meetings of hour and a half.
The target of this workshop is to introduce the people to [...]

We begin for the question: what is the games design?. So simple as this: it is the process that involves the creation of the content and laws of the game. For content I do not refer in specific to an area but to EVERYTHING. In this process, the designer (mastermind, game-god, etc) lands in a document what [...]

Monolokis to the sale

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On May 11, 2008

In this blog the same we speak about video games that of design and art therefore it is pleasant to me in informing them that my premium (if, which many ask to present them) is already selling his monitos in the kitsch shop of The Sensational one (in Guadalajara).
After a sale "ondergraun" quite good in [...]

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