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In support to Bachan

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On June 27, 2007

By means of Isopixel I find out that Bachan, a talented Mexican monero, is fighting against the leukemia.
I am allowed to quote my Vuarnet:
Fortunately the early detection of the illness allows the stage not to be so dark, nevertheless the treatment is long and costly.
Looking for alternatives so that Bachan and his wife could confront them [...]

Teaser of / DIAGONAL\

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On June 11, 2007

Diagonal is the new agency of Diego González, Ex-V.P. Creative of Teran/TBWA and at present writing Instructor in Pretender of Flight. To know a little more of this project there exists a podcast of Brief Blog where Diego comments also on his trajectory (since hacíaa of copy for announcements of shops of self-service) this way - how [...]

From the first version of Forza Motorsport the developers gave us the opportunity to personalize our cars with a system that was going much further of what sagas as Need for Speed or Big Tourism were offering. In the first Forza we had a fair amount of layers to apply viniles with basic forms, some sources [...]

Average Ecology in Mexico

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On June 7, 2007

From 6 and until June 10 to be Ã: realizing the eighth one I convinced à n annual in the Average Ecology in the ITESM campus the State of Mexico.
“The Average Ecology Association (PISS) is an organization without lucre ends dedicated to promoting the study, the investigation, the criticism, and the use of the ecology of the means, [...]

In Box Equis I meet the news about that we are the regional leader in video games of Latin America. According to David Cervantes, the Director Regional for Latin America of the division of Devices and Entertainment of Microsoft, Mexico is posicionado in the fourth world position in buys of the console Xbox, with more than three millions of [...]

Designer's bus

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On June 5, 2007

This happens when a band of rock leaves aside his boring bus for other personalized by an excellent designer. The band of +44 asked Tokidoki to personalize his bus for the Deep tour Civic Tour along the whole United States. Also, Logitech sponsors a video contest to meet the members [...]

The Vader Project: Jeremyville

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On June 5, 2007

The Vader Project congregates to 66 of the best artists to personalize a helmet of real size. This exhibition appeared during Star Wars Celebration IV. Here - I leave to them a part of the helmet of Jeremyville, one of my favorite artists. The title of the project is “Voices in my head”.
Official place of Jeremyville

In the magazine How I am an excellent regarding article if we are provided with the necessary requests to work in an independent way from the serviceability of the hearth, the patio of the Smart, Starbucks, etc. to Work in an independent way is the sleep of many, nevertheless sometimes we fall down in the error of thinking only in [...]

Sound an Ã: logo role fact

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On June 4, 2007

Sailing along MONKEY not AWARE I am this set of teams of anal audio à gos done with role. Say to him that à ±o I ran à in charge of Daniel McPharlin and you can see more of his models straight in his Flickr set.
If you want to ask him for the templates, you can communicate to yourself route email to check availability.

It measures 28.7 meters and pooh à © constructed in Legoland, California with m Ã: s of 465 000 LAY PERSON blocks, for what arrebat à the record to Denmark, which was taking into account 28.4 meters. In the top part yellow dividing walls were used to simulate a "treasure".
[Route Neatorama]

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