August files for, 2007

It has been a long time since I did the critique of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, the first one of many in my time of Gamer's Generation. I remember that this game came to me in the least waited moment since he was a megafanatic of the remake of Wolfenstein nevertheless it did not happen very much so that it was not releasing it thanks to his addictive one [...]

An event that every year happens in the industry of the video games is the exit of the game of Madden for all the platforms and with this one, one of the deployments in publicity more surprising. They all want to be in the holiday: pop-stars, sportsmen, pseudofamous gatecrashers and other personages who assure to be fanatics of [...]

Prompt Update

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2 Aug 2007

During the last month and a half I was absorbed by a pair of projects and the school therefore I could not postear a little for here. Fortunately the trimester ended as well as the design of the page of dmp that I began in June. I must admit that I liked experimenting with the dynamic content on this website [...]

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