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Spicy Horse, the study of responsible Shangai of developing American McGee's Grimm announced that it will use the technology of Unreal Engine in several projects to future and that Grimm will be the principal bottle opener. McGee made official the buy of the technology, which says “it gives them the necessary hardware to express his creativity of a way [...]

One of the first ones let's give that it unburdens itself of Playstation Network the users of PS3 it is undoubtedly a Big Tursimo HD. This will change soon, at least in Japan since Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) announced that the demo will disappear of the Japanese PSN due to the imminent exit of Big [...]

Wintermute Engine is an application that allows you to create adventure games in spite of only dragging and giving clic. Perhaps sound a little to what Torque Game Builder does, nevertheless Wintermute has a scale of options that will allow you to create interesting enough proposals with personages in 3D with funds in 2D, [...]

In a surprising movement Activision there announced the buy of Bizarre Creations, the English study developer of Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars, between others, for a not revealed sum.
Activision announced that the company will spend to be part of his internal team of development, nevertheless the study will remain in London until 2009. Bizarre Creations [...]

After playing a pair of hours with Forge, the publisher with whom you control the accessories that appear in the Aura levels, 3 seems suitable to me to do a few clarifications. First that Forge *NO* is a level publisher as in the beginning it appeared (or of less I understood), he is simply a publisher [...]

In AI Game Dev I am a very interesting article about 11 useful advices to conquer in the Artificial intelligence of your game of strategy setting like example, the Entire saga War de The Creative Assembly.
The tips go from looking for references and inspiration in books like The Art of the War of Sun Tzu [...]

In accordance with a report of Reuters, Nintendo of Japan has turned into one of the best companies to invest since his value on the market is of little more than 8.39 trillions of yens. This places it in the most valuable second company of Japan, exceeding to Canon and being located behind [...]

No, fortunately we do not speak about any clone of Dance Dance Revolution or of the original Wii Fit. The idea of a video game to fight the infantile obesity now will be applied by Kaiser Permanente, an American organization of health without lucre ends.
The game of adventure The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective will be distributed in [...]

The day of Aura 3

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On September 25, 2007

Today I will be very busy killing covenants, there will not be updates.

I free: The Art of Midway

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On September 24, 2007

The Art of Midway is a book that contains more than 160 sketches and 200 + illustrations of games as Mortal Kombat, Area 51, The Suffering or Psi-Ops. It is curious that the promo says: “Do you want to be a video games designer?” I suppose that they meant “Artist of Video games” since it is more an illustration book that of [...]

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