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The Bioshock hype has happened, we can already extract a general conclusion of this game, but before that there is advisable this video of the process of development.

This presentation was inside the chapter of the IGDA in Montreal last September 11 and we can see Chris Kline, programmer in Bioshock chief and [...]

The phrase of the day.

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On October 31, 2007

“In the following generation, the consoles will overcome graphically to the PC”.
Technically it is possible, a more powerful graphic chip might develop, nevertheless at least one, ten or hundred PCs must be provided with the same one to be able to develop a game.

Not that to think on having read this comment of Gerhard Florin, general manager of Electronic Arts International, who suggests that:
“The only video games platform should exist since the current competition between the consoles the developers and consumers create a confusion ambience between“.
In the BBC online interview, Florin added “what [...]

Now we know why Duke Nukem Forever never saw the light. To see the webcomic they can gain access straight to the page of God Mode.

Portal is a quite entertaining added one of The Orange Box, nevertheless the use of this concept is not novel since almost 10 years ago 3D Realms developed and implemented the idea in the Prey project. If, the same game that last year threw for the PC and the Xbox 360. [...]

It is quite curious to read of a seminar regarding how to arm a team of development when six years ago it needed of all this information. The true thing is that to form a team you do not come simply to a forum and posteas that you need help to begin to walk your project. To form your team needs of knowledge [...]

In the official place of the ADVA (Developers' Association of Argentine Video games) the call is opened to order videos for the Sample of Argentine Video games that will be carried out in EVA 07 (Exhibition of Video games Argentina). I quote the note next:
“If you are interested in showing what you or your company [...]

Second Life is already one of the spaces first in seeing the worry of the climate change with the implementation of the game Ecoyincana inside the virtual space of The Burning House. The game developed by Medialabs, consists of 6 tests related to the environment that will must be overcome by the videojugadores, which will be able [...]

Some persons that we inhale to a work in the industry of the development of video games we have in a pedestal the model of work of ID Software. A company with touch of rockstars where his founders handle Ferraris, with a development model of “It's donates when its donate” and with 3 of the most representative exemption [...]

Based on a comment that there made Daniel Schiappa, the Director of Entertainment and Devices of Microsoft, during the conference of Virtual Worlds last week we might think that Microsoft is developing a massive virtual world for the Xbox 360, similar to the Home of PS3 only than with another perspective. Schiappa commented: "For [...]

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