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It is said in Shacknews, in Wired, in DevMag, Kotaku and in another ten places in the network: Jeff Gerstmann has been dismissed of Gamespot thanks to the low qualification that gave to Kane and Lynch (6.0). His videoreview of the game has been removed, his account of mail and privileges of network they have been [...]

In pagetable they have a quite interesting analysis of the old title of almost 10 years ago, The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX for Gameboy Color. Defined as Archaeology in the games, Michael Steil does a dissection of some files of the cartridge in which there are key pieces of the code source that allow to know [...]

Ahh Mr T is still ruleandoShut up fool!.

He can sound to useless offer, but the true thing is that Sony has made official the clipping of the price of the kits of development for the PS3 to only half of the initial cost. According to SCEI, the prices were fixed in $ 10,250 for North America, 950,000 Yen in Japan and € 7,500 for Europe. This clipping answers to [...]

The video games do not serve only like recruiting tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to his safety bodies. A recent case was a Full Spectrum Warrior, who was designed by Pandemic to train the soldiers in combat tactics in team.
Now it touches the shift of [...]

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On November 9, 2007

The Aura hype 3 has happened, fortunately for me and celebrating the exit of Call of Duty 4 I him am on the point of emigrating to a multiplayer that is provided with a much more mature community in FPS. Not you but many spawn gives me to me to play with the people who does not have the minor [...]

I apologize for without updating as it had to, but last days I have filled with work and little free time that I have made use of it to read some books that I obtained at the beginning of week in the library of the UAM Azcapotzalco.
In one of those demolished that one avienta to see that it falls down, me [...]

Sailing in Akihabara News I am this video and the finished report of the event that SEGA organzó to prove to be Initial D Arcade Stage 4. Accompanying Sprinter Trueno (of the principal personage) we have an Impreza WRX and a Mazda RX7, all mounted in platforms that move the same way as are handled by you.

What do they think? To I was [...]

Once again Rockstar Games is in the eye of the hurricane because it did not include in the credits of Manhunt 2 the work that Rockstar Vienna did before transferring the project.
Jurie Horneman, the previous producer, announced that in the manual of game of Manhunt 2 the names of little were omitted more of [...]

If Fidel says it, I believe him.
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