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To work Pro Bono is one of the most viable options to obtain experience in games design (and other disciplines) nevertheless be able to return in a nightmare if you do not take the suitable measures. Pro Bond means to work in a voluntary way for the government property, without obtaining an economic remuneration. The best example of the industry [...]

I had not taken the time to offer status of the project, perhaps many of you who follow me in Twitter have seen some sketches in the last days. The reason is that the project is accepted, in fact it was accepted for one week, regrettably the E3 crossed, the WWDC and not [...]

The games design is something into what I have been put last years, perhaps not of finished time for the quantity of work that I have, nevertheless I decided that it is time to put it like priority if it is that I want that he helps me to pay the accounts of my old age. I did adjustments in [...]

go Software is the company that initiated everything, many people will speak about Nintendo or Space Invaders but the real disruption in the video games industry was Doom in 1993. The reputation histories, rockstars, ferraris and “when its donate” they have defined to this study, nevertheless few ones have idea of how the life was in that one [...]

I have been supported to the margin of throwing more shit to him to the DRM because it is already an exhausted topic, it is something that Apple and many companies have understood: the DRM is not the solution to the problems of piracy. The most recent has to do with Gears of War for PC and has just happened to me does [...]

Yesterday was chatting with an associate of the "prestigious" Reality of video games that, in the opinion of my friend Wire, looks like more a useless version of “Dancing for a Sleep” that slightly serious. The curious thing of this is that it is supposed that this person is working for "creating" an industry of development of video games [...]

The content generated by the user in the video games is not anything new for those that we have spent playing (and creating) during the last 15 years in the PC. For console it is a topic that has begun to take force and to verify it it is enough to roll over to see games as Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 [...]

During last month I was submitted to the stress of generating a trip in 3D where it will visualize the new system señalético that we design for the Park Tezozomoc in my class of Design of Signs. The problem is that this time was shy and I met in the need to do the cheat and to generate it [...]

Many of you perhaps work with textures, be already for some model in 3D or to apply them straight in some level publisher like the UnrealED or the QeRadiant and they know the time that consumes to achieve that the object to which they apply it to themselves is alike what they want to represent. There is not worse [...]

My darlings reading 3, I am not going to lie to them, it is not pubitis from what I suffer, it is simply I am dedicating a little more of time to my love for designing levels for games. Some days ago the call was opened to design a map multiplayer for Call of Duty 4 on the part of [...]

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